Our first workshop was great fun. We worked with a lovely group of students from the  Matsunoyama branch school of Tokamachi high school to produce the first collection of copper plates.

Now to etch them, print them and polish them. Eventually they will be tied with cord into the hut along with the other etched and un-etched copper shingles. The hut will be perched up on an old, disused rice terrace opposite Australia House. The path leading up to the artwork has been cut, the foundations are being laid - things are getting very exciting!

Following our workshop in Matsunoyama we spent a very inspiring afternoon with Yamamoto-san at the Isawa Washi paper studio, close to Matsudai. He demonstrated the process used to make the paper he has produced for the 2000 Waraji, 200 feet book. We are thrilled to be working with his beautiful paper.