Sample of laced wall of Waraji. Photo by Heidi Axelsen
Arriving in Echigo Tsumari with 3 month old Tove
Etching school shoes at Matsunoyama School
Making first marks into the bitumen. Photo by Nathan Hawkes
Etching of high school student's sneakers. Photo by Heidi Axelsen
Marking out the path to the artwork. Photo by Hannah Axelsen.
Hugo starts the path. Photo by Hannah Axelsen.
Plotting the path to the artwork. Photo by Heidi Axelsen
Heidi and Hugo inspect the site. Photo by Hannah Axelsen
Local elders walking up to the artwork site. Photo by Hugo Moline.
Heidi and Tove walking on the finished path. Photo by Hugo Moline.
Hugo working in Australia House. Photo by Heidi Axelsen.
Hugo, Miro and Nathan opening the crate with our 2000 copper shingles. Photo by Heidi Axelsen.
Tove sleeps amongst the action
Etching into bitumen
Taiko performance at our workshop, Australia House. Photo by Heidi Axelsen.
Miro learns Taiko!
Etching workshop at Australia House. Photo by Alison Groves.
Etching shingles with Urada ladies. Photo by Heidi Axelsen.
Gombei-san draws his shoes onto the copper waraji. Photo by Heidi Axelsen
Hugo ties waraji referencing snow shoes. Photo by Heidi Axelsen
Rope for lacing waraji drying in the sun. Photo by Alison Groves.
Stringing Waraji shingles
Copper waraji with liver of sulphur drying on the bitumen. Photo by Alison Groves.
Stacks of copper shingles. Photo by Alison Groves.
Effect of liver of sulphur. Photo by Alison Groves.
Copper shingles lying in the sun warming up for the liver of sulphur. Photo by Heidi Axelsen.
About half of our 2000 copper waraji being painted with liver of sulphur. Our excellent volunteers Joe, Ali, Hannah pictured here. Photo by Heidi Axelsen.
Black frame in the landscape
Frame being installed. Photo by Nathan Hawkes.
Frame being installed. Photo by Nathan Hawkes.
Etching socks. Photo by Heidi Axelsen.
The steel frame in situ. Jens plays in the sand. Photo by Alison Groves.
Inspecting the steel frame. Photo by Alison Groves.
Nathan hard at the printing press. Photo by Heidi Axelsen
Hannah, Cliff, Ali & Hugo lacing & backing shingles. Photo by Heidi Axelsen
Laced rows of shingles looking like fish spines. Photo by Heidi Axelsen
40 rows of laced waraji. Photo by Heidi Axelsen
Cliff & Hannah busy lacing waraji. Photo by Heidi Axelsen
Production is ramping up! One week to go! Photo by Alison Groves.
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Working with Isawa Washi paper made by Yamamoto San - What a pleasure!
Etching workshop with the residents of the Urada nursing home. (photo: nathan)
Waraji take to the frame. Photo by hugo moline
Inky feet leaving the printer (photo: nathan)
Nathan inking up a pair of etched copper waraji. Photo by Heidi Axelsen.
Print of copper etching, ink on snow bleached mulberry paper. 200 page book. Photo by Heidi Axelsen.
Getting ready for the second workshop. Photo by hugo moline
Gumboots are a challenge. Photo by Hugo Moline
At the Urada nursing home. Photo by Hugo Moline
With the help of our friends on Urada, the first panel is finished!
Yuki (photo: nathan)
Nathan demonstrating polishing of etched shingles with University of Adelaide students.
Urada gang helps us install. Photo by Heidi
O Gi Gi & Toto check out the intricacies of knot tying.
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